Wear mask correctly ~

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lolz.. yesterday and today I was wearied mask went to school as
prevention of H1N1 virus ~~ 1st time wearied mask to school ~~ hahaha...
and hor my friend told me dat my mask are facing the wrong side. The
green/blue side i used to facing inside and the white side facing outside
swt !! i tot this is the ritz way of wearing mask de..coz other students also
used to be like dat ma..hahaha...anyway..
i checked in the internet... those particular students and including me
didn't wear in a ritz way... @.@ here is the guiding to all of you..

Reference : http://www.yukz.com/ap/friend/cu_howtowearmask.html

"Looking like an idiot for a couple weeks is better than risking
your lives !! You only live once !! "

This guiding is for surgical mask...

With the green/blue side FACING OUT (which mean the white side
towards yourself ) and with the wire on the topside (meaning, on your
nose ) , press along the wire to adjust / mold it to your face's and
nose's shape .

hahaha...i terbalik pakai pulak (3 8 lao)... LMAO !!!!! xD xD really psps !!
i won't do it anymore ~ xD hahahahaha...
Yeah ! 2morow go Cameron Highlands Trip , 2 days 1 night with
30++ friends ~~ really excited about it ~~~ i will post pictures at here
once i come back ya ~ c ya guys ^^v take care ~~